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InterviewBlitz is an online platform that connects individuals who would like to practice interviews with Industry Experts. The mock interviews are conducted through telephone or via online video chat. Feedback is provided by the interviewers after the interview and depending on the packages, the interviewee can avail detailed feedback, career counselling, coaching and also mentoring from our expert panel.

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InterviewBlitz aims at creating a vibrant community of like minded professionals who wish to offer their spare time to help and groom individuals interested in making a career in their respective professions and are seeking guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How's booking handled within InterviewBlitz?

Each service provider enrolled with InterviewBlitz has their own custom dashboard where they can setup interview time slots during which they are open to accept bookings, this is all managed within the website and once a booking is made online and confirmed through a payment the slot is blocked for the Interviewee.

The Interviewee gets a confirmation email and booking code along with the selected service provider’s email id that can be used for correspondence with Interviewer and InterviewBlitz where ever necessary.

After Booking is confirmed the Interviewer will reach out to the Interviewee and provide online meeting details. The Interviewer will also request for an updated resume without any personal details. We have made it mandatory for all InterviewBlitz service providers to use Zoom conferencing for online meetings, you will get the link and call in numbers in your mailbox, if you haven’t received the email please check you Spam/Junk folder and search for InterviewBlitz. You can also email the Interviewer using the email id provided in the booking confirmation email.

InterviewBlitz has a support ticket system to help resolve queries and provide remediation in case of any issues. We got you covered.

What are the best practices we adopt at InterviewBlitz to safe guard the Interviewees and our service providers from a privacy standpoint?

At InterviewBlitz we do not share any personal information other than names and email IDs of the Interviewer/Interviewee. For the Mock interview we use Zoom conferencing solution where both the Interviewee and the Interviewer connect through a virtual conferencing number. This enables both parties to keep their mobile numbers confidential exposing only their names and email IDs. Public LinkedIn profiles are available to both parties.

As part of the mock interview process, Interviewees are informed in the booking email to only share their resume with name and email ids. InterviewBlitz facilitates online remote web meetings and telephone based interviews only, at no point are Interviewees expected to meet an Interviewer personally.

The service providers at InterviewBlitz are not employees of InterviewBlitz or its affiliates. Any issues or concerns can be reported to InterviewBlitz or to relevant authorities if deemed necessary.

How does InterviewBlitz enroll Interviewers?

At InterviewBlitz an Interviewer is also called a Service Provider or a Partner. The Interviewers are Expert Professionals in their respective domains. When an Interviewer applies as a service provider on InterviewBlitz, they go through a screening process that involves resume screening, LinkedIn verification and telephonic screening. We ensure that the Interviewers are able to communicate fluently in English and are able to provide constructive feedback based on the interview and their work experience. InterviewBlitz also records and monitors  feedback and reviews from the Interviewee via a feedback survey form sent to the Interviewee after each mock interview.

Each service provider has ratings, comments and feedback on InterviewBlitz given by Interviewees that have used their services. Also many of our service providers are encouraged to add content to the resources section within InterviewBlitz. All these factors can be of great use while selecting the Interviewer and package.

Moreover our service providers want to give back to their community and a majority of them join InterviewBlitz to serve future job aspirants, our prices are low so that its affordable for job aspirants and the primary reason we charge for this service is to ensure that the Interviewees value the time of our expert Interviewers and to prevent no-shows from taking place.

What geographical locations does InterviewBlitz cover?

We are headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada. We cater to Canada only for now but are open to expansion to the United States. Our reach to other markets is dependent on our service providers and Interview panel. We believe that each geographical location has different challenges and that it would be fitting and most effective for experts to take interviews, provide feedback and coaching to local candidates or to candidates planning to apply for jobs in same location as the interviewer.

Is InterviewBlitz a secured website?

InterviewBlitz uses SSL encryption and is GDPR compliant.

How does InterviewBlitz accept payments?

InterviewBlitz accepts card payments online through popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, we aim to make payments as secure and reliable as possible and will continue to add improvements down the line where ever necessary.

What's the refund and cancellation policy at InterviewBlitz?

We offer a full refund of the booking amount if a cancellation is made within 3 days of a booking and 24 hours before the interview in case the Interview is scheduled within 3 days from the booking date. We handle complaints and issues with the Interviewer on a case to case basis depending on the circumstances. Refunds will not be issued in case of no-shows by the Interviewee. If there’s a no show by the Interviewer or service provider a full refund will be provided to the Interviewee.