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What career should I do

I’m 23 and lost my job which was a blessing tbh because I hated it. Trying to figure out what to do next. Thanks!

(my background):

I have a bachelor of business and German from a top European university. I’m an extremely creative person (not the artistic type) and I feel like if I use this skill properly I could thrive in life. I’m a big picture thinker and hate details (as all intps I guess). I worked in marketing at a tech company for a year after I graduated last year. Didn’t like the corporate world at all as I found it very rigid and hierarchical. No time to think and use my brain at all. I also worked at Deloitte for 3 months for an internship which was the most nightmarish experience in my whole life. It was corporate rigidity on steroids and I felt like I was in a cage the whole summer. I was treated like a child and my manager was like a dictator.

I love music, art, technology and pretty much anything that is innovative, anyone or anything that is fighting to change the world for the better instead of settling with the status quo. I love startups and I’m excited by the future of technology and how it can be used for good.

Another area I’m fascinated by is psychedelic research. Imperial college London and Johns Hopkins are doing some amazing things to prove psychedelics as therapy for many mental health issues. This kind of bold, innovative, frowned upon future-focused thinking makes me so excited and almost dizzily excited for the future. I think psychedelics could really change our world in unimaginable ways.

So yeah, I love creativity and innovation in all its forms basically.

I’m tempted to do a masters in marketing (while also doing a coding bootcamp) this year as a backup due to the recession, because there are no jobs atm in Ireland where I’m from.

Info: I’m an intp personality. Very creative. Love learning. Love art/nature (have an appreciation of beauty and design). Also have a solid logical side. Great critical thinking skills. I’m fluent in German and English.


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