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Hello everyone , I am at a pivotal moment in my academic life and would love to seek the advice of professionals and fellow students in this sub. Please forgive the formatting as i am posting this from an android.
I’ve done my bachelors from a developing country and was looking forward to do my MHA or MPH from a university abroad ,preferably canada . Even though MPH was my preference i quickly understood after some research that my financial background wouldnt let me pursue it considering the lack oppertunities after graduation.i decided to stay with MHA as i heard there are always oppertunity if you are willing to put in the time.
But then again due to some unfortunate circumstances my finance has further shrinked and is probably looking at “Post Graduate Diploma” in healthcare adminsitration from a canadian college for the next winter intake. The programme is affordable and the coursework seemed decent.
I really hope i am employable after the pg diploma in Healthcare adminstration as its about time i support people who have been funding my tution while doing meaningful work . I would like to ask you guys about specific skills which i should be developing now as to make myself employable later on.
Also would want to know if the course pathway im selecting is looked down upon as its not a masters degree and how much would it affect my future prospects? Sorry for the long post and thank you for your time.


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