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Hello and good morning reddit.

Just a quick little backstory:

I’m a 24m working for a fortune 100 company. I’ve been with the company for almost 2 years. I was hired by my current manager (who then transferred to another location). I was hired as a team member, then promoted to LC. He was promoted to another location and I didn’t like my environment and transferred to his store and took a step down.

1. Team Member
2. Lead Consultant
3. Assistant Manager
4. Store Manager

Its been about 7 months since I’ve transferred and I’ve increased my productivity and value tremendously. I outwork everyone on the team including the manager and I believe there is a bit of envy/jealousy bc you’re neber supposed to outlook the master (i think they still feel im the new kid and progressing too quickly).

I’ve looked at job descriptions for all positions and I do/have an idea of everything up to the assistant level and maybe two things on the store manager level.

I want to ask for a big raise since I believe I’m over qualified. I also think they might try to slow me down or hold me back since I learn quickly and I am efficient to the point where the job is effortless, too easy. Maybe they want to be secure in their positions?

Do you think I should or maybe look into transferring or a new job. How would you play out each scenario?


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