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I am currently half way through a dual major degree program for both Computer and Electrical bachelor’s degrees, but I am more certain than ever that this is not the path that I want to go down. I currently plan on finishing both degrees within 2 years but also plan on shifting my focus more towards freelance art work. I am just a little worried now about whether or not the degrees are worth finishing for a solid fallback, or if finishing them may be more hurtful than helpful.

Extra context is that my scholarships and help from my family make it so that I can pursue my degrees without much financial strain put on myself whereas I am not currently ready to start stable work in art. I also don’t want to take advantage of the help I’m receiving and already feel guilty enough for letting it go so long without doing anything towards fixing the issue.

I am personally fine with not making a ton of money as long as I’m able to support myself, but I worry about not being able to give back to my parents and even worse would be not being able to support myself and still needing their help.

What I need advice on is whether or not I should continue the degrees while I also pursue work in art or if doing so will leave me worse off than cutting my loses now. There is a lot more context behind this but I feel like this post is wordy enough and I’ve gotten across the most important details. I would just like some advice, maybe from peoples personal experiences, to help me think through this problem. Thank you.


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