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How to create a Great First Impression on your Job Interview 35% of the survey respondents consisting of hiring Managers indicated that they could decide whether or not to reject a candidate within the first 30 seconds of a job interview. The interview doesn’t start when you start talking, it begin much before that, it actually starts right from the time you interact with a recruiter, who then cascades your feedback to the hiring manager and so on. It’s...
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The 5 stages of a Job Interview You have got a call from the Company HR or Recruiting manager that you’ve been selected for the first face to face interview round. From that moment on there are 5 stages of the interview process that you need to be prepared for. Stage 1: Interview Preparation Interview Prep stage consists of doing your homework by going through your resume in detail, preparing for next 3 stages - Introduction, the Body and Conclusion. He...
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How to handle Behavioral Questions effectively in a Job Interview using the STAR Method From a bird’s eye perspective the actual interview is usually made up of 3 parts the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The Introduction The introduction portion is vital, creates the first impression, consists of ice breakers and paves the way to a better and more meaningful conversations in the Interview body. In the introduction part you are in the driver’s seat, the int...
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Get an edge with Google Cloud Certification in G Suite Most of us are familiar with using Microsoft Office products, these have been introduced to us right from our school days, MS Office is present on our PCs, Laptops and also on our mobile devices as the default productivity tool. However in recent times Google has gained significant grounds in this space, they have been successfully able to promote G Suite as a serious cost-effective alternative to MS Office 365. Launched on 26th...
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