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I did not receive the raise or promotion. It was going to be substantial, 15%. Our CEO had a virtual town hall during the 2nd week in May where he declared that there is no money in this years budget for raises, and that there is a hiring freeze. I have been working extremely hard even through the corona shutdown, showing up on sites in dangerous environments, stressing myself out, abandoning my family/friends, and turning a profit for my company.

Am I supposed to continue working hard like I have been, expecting to work my way up…? I feel like I’ve been lied to. I feel like my work ethic is not being valued. I feel like slacking off now. I work remotely, rarely talk to my boss, and I’d like to know how to professionally approach this conversation, and what to say.

P.s. Also 2 of my coworkers retired this year, another one died, and another one quit. There is money in the pool and I know it. Boss said he “petitioned to get me a raise/promotion” Feb 26th. The extra money would equate to 5 weeks pay. Thanks for reading, any advice is appreciated.


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