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  3. Considering a Mechanical Engineering B.S.E. w/ Earth and Ocean Sciences B.A. Double Major, is this worth it or should I just boost my GPA?


Is this a good Idea? I’m currently a rising senior and I’m planning to get my masters degree in engineering either way, hoping to still be a part of the 4+1 program even with my double major.

I’m really just fascinated in EOS topics and legitimately enjoy the courses, and I’m close enough to getting a double major that it makes me tempted to do everything, and I know that I could pass these courses and get these degrees.


My gpa isn’t too hot right now. I go to Duke University but my GPA right now is below 2.9, and so I’m wondering.

Is it more important to employers to see someone that got a double major with a lower GPA or a higher gpa with a single major?

Because if I don’t pursue the double major then I could just take Phys ed classes in my open slots, enjoy my senior year, and really boost my gpa. But I’m 3 classes away from a double major so that’s tempting haha.

Thank you


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