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So we all know someone who is Senior Director or something like that but actually both knows and does nothing – BUT – in my experience having a particular title immediately changed the roles recruiters contacted me about; and arguably got me more face-to-face interviews.

For example, I went from being and SEO Executive to Account Manager which was a horizontal move in terms of pay and within the latter company’s structure. From there my next job was £15,000 higher salary but I also had interviews for roles for much higher. I wasn’t qualified for them in retrospect and didn’t get the role, but the experience was challenging and got me thinking about the skills I need for those roles.

From this I would say that titles do matter, they get you in the room for better roles. Of course you still have to perform in the interview and if you land a job you are’t necessarily qualified for you best be willing to forget your social life for a few months (as I have).

Off the back of this, I’m thinking of changing my role soon. I’ve been at this company for 2 years and they aren’t doing well – giving people promotions with a promise of extra pay later BEFORE COVID. I’m a bit worried about the longevity during and after this crisis.

My manager has given people recommendations in the past, and I asked him if he could say that I was a role higher than I actually am which he is very willing to do. Keep in mind I’ve been operating at my level for two years – I would argue I am the next level but the company doesn’t have somewhere for me to go.

I imagine some people will be massively against this but realistically what’s the harm if my reference backs it up? The only problem I see is LinkedIn – I can’t update that or other people at my company will see, will hiring managers care if my linkedin and CV are different? Is there another option I’m not seeing?


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