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**Edit: there are too many comments for me to reply to them all, but thank you everyone! This has really put my mind at rest. It’s also made me consider how I could use this to find out whether a company is a good employer or not. Stay stafe**

Hi all,

For context: I’m a final year university student who will hopefully be ‘graduating’ this summer. I’m also currently applying for jobs, which is obviously not ideal in this climate.

I’m not dealing very well mental health wise with the current lockdown. I’ve got a few final university assignments to do, which I’m struggling to get done, but other than that I don’t feel at all able to do… almost anything else. I’m seeking help etc. (I’ll save you all the long details!), but I’m barely fulfilling the basic functions of a human being at the moment, let alone learning new skills, taking online courses, or generally working on my personal or professional development.

I’m worried that, over the coming months/year(s) I’m going to be asked about how I used this period to improve myself and make myself a better candidate, and that I’m not really going to be able to say anything. I can say that I was working on my university work, and that I’ve done a little bit of aid volunteering (it’s an ad hoc kind of thing), but I reckon that lots of people feel more able to use this time to do lots of impressive stuff. That’s how it feels among my peer group, anyway. I was already less than confident about getting a job after I graduated, but it would really suck if this was another blow.

I know that many of you are currently seeking employment/might work in recruitment etc., so I was just wondering what your thoughts were. Let me know if this is the wrong sub!

Thanks 🙂

Disclaimer: I fully realise that people have *far* *far* bigger problems to face, and that I’m in a pretty fortunate position.

TL;DR: for mental health reasons, I haven’t been able to work on my personal development during lockdown, and I’m worried that this will hold me back in future job interviews.


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