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Hi, I’m a Canadian student from Ontario who is heading to university this coming fall. So I have narrowed down my offers to the following: McMaster Eng, uOttawa Biomedical/Mechanical Eng, and Biomedical Science at Guelph. I want to pursue vet school but I am worried that if I don’t get in I will be stuck in the life science endless schooling system.

If I go into engineering I know I will have a well paying job after only UG and be pretty content. I am naturally good at math but do have trouble visualizing some of the scenarios in physics. Regardless, I have shown through high school that I am able to put in the work and pull out with a slightly above average grade.

For vet school I will need to have a 91% average (not sure what that is in gpa). I do get good grades in bio but I’m not sure it that’s because of high school grade inflations or my actual understanding of the content. A bio UG is not applied which scares me because I know I will go into further debt in order to get a job that I could’ve have with engineering.

I am further worried that this constant voice telling me ‘what if I chose the other option’ will haunt me through UG and I will feel unmotivated to achieve the grades I need.

I already accepted my offer to Guelph but have until June 1st to change it. I just wanted to reserve my spot at Guelph since the program only takes 100 students. My backup plan had been to assess my grades after second year and if I don’t have what I need then switch into engineering since my chances of getting into vet school would be very low. However, now I am thinking about the time and money lost in doing so. And if I were to switch into engineering, how much more competitive will it be for me to get the same offer at McMaster or uOttawa in 2-3 years when I am considered a mature student.

Any advice? Has anyone gone through something similar and would be willing to share their experience? It would make me feel a whole lot better because my friends and family are getting quite sick of me being so indecisive.

I’m not sure if this is relevant but my high school average for both engineering and bio works out to a 91.3.


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