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Get an edge with Google Cloud Certification in G Suite

Most of us are familiar with using Microsoft Office products, these have been introduced to us right from our school days, MS Office is present on our PCs, Laptops and also on our mobile devices as the default productivity tool. However in recent times Google has gained significant grounds in this space, they have been successfully able to promote G Suite as a serious cost-effective alternative to MS Office 365.

Launched on 26th Aug 2006 as Google Apps for Your Domain, Google productivity tools have made significant inroads in both corporations and well as educational institutions. As of Jan 2017 data, Google had 3 million business paying for G Suite and 70 million additional G Suite for Education users (Source Wikipedia). Colgate-Palmolive, Salesforce, Nielsen, Broadcom, BBVA, Atlassian are examples of companies that have adopted G Suite.

G Suite consists of apps for communication like Gmail, Calender, Hangouts, Google+. For Storage there’s Google Drive, for collaboration G Suite has Docs (alternative to MS Word), Sheets (alternative to MS Excel), Slides (alternative to MS PowerPoint), Forms and Sites. There’s also an admin panel to manage user accounts and services.


Like most Google products, G Suite is designed to be user friendly and easy to use. Although by design G Suite is made to be easily adaptable to users who are used to MS Office apps, it can be a daunting task for some to get used to G Suite. Here’s where G Suite training and certification can come in handy.

Because many large organizations are now using G Suite, having demonstrated knowledge of G Suite can give a candidate applying for a job in these companies an extra edge during the selection process.

Learning something new is always treated as a positive trait in a candidate, it shows that a candidate is willing to learn, is up to date with what’s happening in the market and is motivated to improve.

The Google Cloud Certification in G Suite comprises of a 2 hour long exam that objectively measures an individual’s ability to work, communicate and manage tasks using G Suite application.
It costs USD 75 and is divided into 2 parts – Multiple Choice and performance based.

The test can be taken at the comfort of your home or at public testing centers (visit the link provided to learn more).

Visit Link: https://cloud.google.com/certification/gsuite