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Competition, no clear Direction, lack of real world Insights.


Its not always easy to land a great job. Getting the job of your dreams takes determination, perseverance, smart work, quick thinking and expert guidance.


While its comparatively easy and within one’s control to find a job posting, to get information on the internet regarding a particular company, update your resume and finally apply for the job.


Getting the call is hard and what progressively can get tougher is to crack the interview process and finally get selected for the job.






Many a times once we have gone through the interview process and get to know that someone else was selected for the job, we are not particularly told the reasons why we were not selected.

This could be harmful and a big deterrent in our job hunt. We might end up making the same mistakes over multiple interviews and keep getting rejected.


InterviewBlitz aims to help job aspirants get access to a community of Expert professionals who have around a minimum of 5 years + experience in their industry to conduct mock interview for job applicants and provide an instant and honest feedback.

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Using InterviewBlitz you can

Who can use InterviewBlitz?

Freshers from College and High school

Get a Head Start

InterviewBlitz can help a college fresher prepare for Interviews, get coaching and advice from expert professionals and start networking. InterviewBlitz can also open up doors to the hidden job market.

Working Professionals

Never Stop Learning

There's always more to learn for working professionals who would wish to move up the ladder or switch careers and pursue their dream job. InterviewBlitz can facilitate that move through career advice and coaching from Industry Experts apart from mock interviews with experts in the industry.

With InterviewBlitz You Can

Face Interviews with Confidence   AND

  • Find and Choose

    Your Interviewer from the list of Experienced Professionals listed on InterviewBlitz.

  • Select

    A package and Book your Mock Interview.

  • Receive

    Instant Feedback from the Interviewer.

  • Avail

    Career Advice, Expert Tips and Coaching.

  • Ask

    Questions Online and receive inputs

  • Access

    FREE resources available on InterviewBlitz

  • Network

    With Industry Experts, Mentors and Recruiters

  • Get Exposure

    To the hidden job market and Industry trends.