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Finished a bachelor in interior design with specialty furniture design in september but having an extremely hard time finding “stepping stone” jobs. But obviously need money also. Last month I even filled boxes with medicins to earn some money…

But these things are not furthering my career at all.

Feels like 95% of jobs are either “filling boxes” or “manager of type 7 spacecraft nozzle manufacturing engineering team with 17 years experience”.

Where is the inbetween stuff I mean everyone had to start somewhere…


Since I can’t seem to make this work my second idea was to get a any non field related parttime or 4/5th job and use the extra day to further my own projects, build portfolio etc…

Maybe eventually start something on my own.


But it seems all employers are not interested in anything but fulltime. Even if it’s just filling boxes or cleaning floors.


There are so many companies that make the ugliest products in history. But they believe because they can sell it it’s also a good product. Company pride….

I could design them things that are relevant in these times and could elevate their company.

But no one is taking a chance.


How do I convince them?

I’m at a loss here I don’t even know how to formulate.


Not a sob story, I have to learn how to adapt to the current job market.

I mean not complaining about my school we learned usefull things but they forgot the liferaft or at least guidelines after kicking us out of the boat after graduating.


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