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It may seem like a stupid question but I’m genuinely lost. I feel like I have the motivation and burning desire to work towards a career doing something I love, but I can’t figure out what the career should be. Also, I have no problem taking a lower paying job if it’s doing something I love.

The only hobbies I had as a kid were playing soccer and Motorsport (karting) but it’s too late to make a career out of that as I’m 20 years old now. My current hobbies are exercise, reading, and video games, but I wouldn’t say I love any of them enough to make a career out of.

I’m studying Electrical Engineering in university right now because science and tech has always been an interest, but again, I can’t say I love it or am passionate about it.

I feel like every day that passes I’m losing out because I’m not working towards something I’m proud or passionate about. I know I’m still young and have lots of time to figure life out, but I feel lost and uncertain.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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