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I’m very confused. As a matter of fact, the older I get, the more confused I become about jobs.

I am currently in the ideal corporate job, currently in a financial corporation, working from my laptop at home in the marketing department managing projects that are passed onto the UK market from the US market.

People always talk about working hard. How do you work hard when everything you do in your job is connecting the dots on projects and meeting deadlines?

I want to work hard towards a promotion, but i just dont understand how.

In my job, I don’t see myself as a hard-worker, however I have a business outside my full-time job and this is where I know how to work hard, by getting clients, email campaigns, Skype meeting etc.

To give you context, I had jobs in hotels and call centres where I had targets. In my call centre job, I was the the Number 1 employee based on my call centre metrics out of 1000 people and I am also foreign in the UK, but I find it extremely difficult to define hard work in my corporate job now.


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