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As per title, 1 week ago my work sent out an email survey about our options for returning to work; we could return or take leave. I initially chose returning, but reconsidered as taking public transit is still freaking me out & I live with at-risk family. So I emailed, changed my answer, no problem. BUUUT then there was some confusion on my end on whether or not I could actually take that leave; the way it was worded made me think you actually had to be taking care of someone with covid/be sick with covid/responsible for childcare (per government requirements for taking the emergency leave available) to qualify. So I emailed, again, and said “oops sorry lol my bad, I don’t qualify, pls send me back”. HR said OK, but then sent a follow up that (nicely) asked why I thought I didn’t qualify, that they would change my response to “return” again but I could email them to explain and if everything was actually OK they could change it back to taking leave before the deadline this Monday.

This was on Saturday. I emailed them that same day explaining why I thought I didn’t qualify based on the government’s guidelines, but that I would greatly prefer to take leave. Today, I received a stock, mass-sent email informing me that I would be contacted later this week to learn of my hours of work. I did not get another response from HR about taking leave, even though they said they could change my answer. Obviously, given the confusion & their lack of response, I want to send a follow up email because I DON’T want to return if I can at all take leave. Does this email sound OK or is it coming off as abrasive/too blunt?:


I just received the “Information on Returning to Work” email informing me that I would be contacted soon to see where I’d be sent back to work. I’m just emailing to follow up on my last email about whether or not I qualify to take the emergency leave.

Thank you,

Any advice would be appreciated!


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