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Tomorrow is my performance review with my manager, and while it’s not quite an “official” review (my company doesn’t have a policy to have performance reviews), this is what she’s referring to it as. I decided to take advantage of this meeting to ask for a raise.

I’ve worked for my company for 2 years. My job responsibilities have increased significantly in the role I’ve been given. I sometimes work weekends, and my responsibilities continue to increase now with new plans for me to back up other staff members.

My performance has definitely been to (if not above) expectations, but I do make mistakes. I have shown up late due to the fact that I live a state (1 hr) away. I have also made minor mistakes as I’ve come to learn new responsibilities. However, despite this I have always made steps to better myself. I’ve created templates, I ask questions more frequently, I have developed solutions to every problem that my manager had pointed out. And if I’m ever late to work, I stay late. Even now, as I wfh, I stay on late.

Is there anything I should be concerned about or that I should think about before asking for a raise?


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