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Before I begin, yes this is related to what I believe to be a “nervous break down” or whatever the term is. However, I am well aware of Rule 6 and do not want advice dealing with my mental health, only how my actions may impact my career.

So long story short I have a lot of personal issues going on right now. Mostly moderate compared to most. However, my job which is already very demanding has thrown more work at me than I can literally handle (timelines make it impossible) and that on top of everything else was the proverbial straw on the camel’s back.

My job is very supportive, they would never fire or reprimand me for taking time off to deal with mental health. In fact, quite opposite, I know they would go out if their way to give me time off if needed to sort out my medication and/or issues.

The problem I have is I just got a new report two weeks ago, I’m directly involved in several projects which are extremely urgent and time sensitive, and I just got a promotion with a huge raise last year. I’m worried that if I take time off it will come across as me being unable to handle work or stress well, and will negatively impact my career.

Has anyone had experience taking time off like this when needed? I’m not even sure how to go about telling my boss so that I don’t sound like I’m unstable. I really hate that I’m having to deal with these issues right now so any career advice would be greatly appreciated.


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