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This is a long one but I really appreciate if you stick with me. No one else I know is going through this so I thought I’d give the internet a try.

I’m a current 4th year student graduating this fall with a BASc in Health Services Management, BS in Sociology with emphasis in Health Care and Careers, a minor in Public Health, and a minor in Family Social Sciences. I also want to graduate with summa cum laude honors. My gpa is 3.9. I have about 2 years of internship experience at a physician company in their care coordination department and work at a skilled nursing facility as an admissions coordinator. I also have an upcoming summer internship as a business analyst with a fortune 6 company (UHG).

One option is to go for a Master’s in Health Administration. That would involve graduating undergrad Fall 2020, starting Fall 2021, then graduating Spring 2023. My university’s program is #2 in the nation and I know this is a good path given my majors.

While I do enjoy health management, my work at the nursing facility has made me also strongly consider nursing. My university is also known for its nursing programs and has a 16 month MSN degree. The thing is, it requires 5 out of 9 pre-req’s done by the time I apply. If I were to do this, I’d graduate from undergrad Spring 2021, apply Fall 2021, then (hopefully) begin Fall 2022 and (hopefully) finish Fall 2023. I’d use the extra semester during my undergrad to do pre-req’s. I believe I can do well in them (I’m a pretty good student and before college, I was always in honors/STEM program… I didn’t LOVE hard sciences, but I can do well to get the foundation for nursing). Besides enjoying patient interaction and feeling fulfilled, I think having an RN license would set me apart as a health care management leader. Not only would I have clinical experience but also administration. Hypothetically, while other job candidates have a MHA I could have a RN license with clinical experience. I’ve also heard that more companies are trying to hire clinical professionals (MD’s, PA’s, RN’s) into their leadership.

Does anybody have any thoughts they think I should consider? Or input on which one?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I’ve been told in the past perhaps a MSN is too… easy for me? And I should consider becoming a PA instead. But PA school is incredibly competitive and I’d need to take a few years to get patient experience before even applying. So there’s that as well.


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