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## 4 Most-Effective Tips to Impress an Interviewer

Have you ever dealt with an [interview](https://talentfore.com/blogs/4-effective-tips-impress-interviewer/) where your interviewer knows a little about your profile and functionalities? Don’t laugh! Yes, you are reading it right. This kind of incident does happen. The more senior position you are after, the more likely it is that you are going to meet someone having a little understanding of what you do in a conference room during an interview. In such a situation, annoyance would be your first reaction. This is quite obvious. Next, you might be surrounded by fear and doubts. Well, though the situation is quite awkward, you can bag the opportunity and end your interview on a happy note. Listed below are four effective tips that can help you win the interviewer who has little knowledge about your work.

#### Share a human story

When your interviewer knows little about your roles and responsibilities, the chance of building a proper understanding of him or her is less. So, it’s better to go back to the basics. You can spend a few moments on sharing your own story. The story of a struggle you overcame can highlight certain positive qualities of your personality, such as your spirit, positivity, determination, honesty etc. Apart from this, whenever you will share your personal experience with your interviewer, he or she will understand your true self. It will help both you and your interviewers.

#### Try to identify the desired skills and answer accordingly

You should try to understand what’s been happening in the company. You should ask questions about what the company is looking for. You can ask the interviewer what would be your biggest priorities in the next 30/60/90 days after the joining. Take notes from their reply and try to answer accordingly to make them believe that you are the right person for the position.

#### Employ the classic story-telling format

Most of the people tend to respond to classic storytelling [formats](https://talentfore.com/). You can reap the benefits of this habit by using a time-tested format that can help you effectively structure your stories and answers. First of all, highlight the challenges you addressed. Next, explain how you came to address these challenges. Finally, talk about the final outcome.

#### Continue checking in

Whenever you are dealing with a question, try to answer it in a way to ask a follow-up question in return. Don’t hesitate to ask them whether they are getting what they are looking for. Don’t hesitate to clear all your doubts. It will not only help you understand the company but also help you bridge the gulf between you and your interviewer.

**A Final Takeaway**

Before going for the interview, don’t forget to leave the industry jargon at home. The last thing you should do when facing an interviewer having little knowledge is to bombard him or her with terminology and phrases only an insider would know.


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