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Hello all,
I got my degree in Elementary Education from a small college. The college neglected to inform their students that their Bachelor’s of Education program was not a state approved program. This has left me unable to be certified as an educator unless I go back to college and take the 3 courses needed or go through an alternative route and become SpEd teacher. I have been able to teach for 2 years on an emergency certification, but now I’m at a crossroads. Spend more money on a degree I already earned or go back to school for something else. I’ve been looking into votech schools and certification programs at various colleges. I’ve pretty much made up my mind to change my career path even though it breaks my heart. I’m just too bitter and angry to go back to school for something I’m already in debt for.

So, my question is would a better career path be dental assisting, dental technician, or radiology technician? Thanks in advance.


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