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I was laid off a couple of weeks ago after a year of employment. I significantly moved up in title and in pay when moving to the company that laid me off. The project I was working on got canned and we caught the company at a really bad time. They just did the same to other projects and retained 100% of those employees. Because of this, there was no more room for us and we had to go (30 people got let go total).

I’ve been paid out a severance which will keep me secure for a month or two. I also applied for unemployment which isn’t much in California when you consider how much rent is but it should help alongside the severance.

I’m currently interviewing for a job in Florida and they seem pretty interested. I’m late at the late interview phase and I want to know if taking a job in Florida and moving to the other side of the country would be irresponsible? The title would be the same and my pay would be pretty much the same. The only difference is that there are only a handful of companies in the area i’d be moving to that could potentially hire me if I got laid off again. I’d say it would be about 60-70% chance that I’d have to move to another state or come back to California if I lost my job in Florida.

I do want to stay in CA but I haven’t had luck in finding anything out here. Most companies in my industry seem to be moving to Texas or other places outside of the state.

Any advice? Should I reject the offer and hope that I find something later on down the line? Should I take it and hope I’ll be secure for a couple of years?


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