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My work history is a total wreck. After school I studied digital media but couldn’t get work. I went to work in retail, then catering, tried to study a terrible graphic design course, tried to train up in IT, failed, more recently I’ve had several jobs in call centre/office based environments.

Up to this point I’ve had at least 30 different jobs across several different industries, studied a wide range of different courses, and have simply no idea what to do. I still attempt online learning in different things but find virtual learning difficult, the discipline and motivation you have to have has to be very advanced. There’s plenty of free careers advice from different services but they really get hung up on “following your passion” when that isn’t very realistic.

Also it is becoming harder than ever to stay in a job let alone get one because I’ve become too experienced and competent. I’ve definitely drifted a lot, but starting out on the bottom and climbing up the ladder is ludicrous, managers give the promotions to friends or morons that they can control. I know that sounds negative but that really is the case in the corporate world. Any ideas where to go next??


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