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I’m a young worker, at my first full time post out of undergrad.

I am at a small (<30 people) company. For the sake of this, let’s say I’m a “Financial Analyst II.” I started as a Jr Financial analyst. In the short 2 years, I have gotten several significant pay bumps, got positive praise, etc. I am doing fairly serious work for someone that’s 25. Worth noting that from the start, I never planned to spend my whole career here.

Outside of some minor gripes that could happen anywhere, my company is pretty awesome. My pay package is awesome. The working hours aren’t terrible. And it means something that the higher ups have specifically made a focus of ensuring I get taken care of.

At the same time, I just feel totally checked out as of late. I can’t really find the motivation to be *truly* interested in my job this point. I don’t feel like I’m learning any new tangible skills. I don’t really feel like I’m getting any mentorship for what I want to do. None of the people around me are really on the same career ‘track’ I’d like to be on. Plus, a lot of the processes in my small company just feel very “Mickey Mouse.”

I’m hesitant to up and leave. Since my job is fairly good, and my particular industry is pretty niche, good opportunities don’t come up all the time. I would consider going back for an advanced degree, but it would likely not get me higher pay than I’m getting right now. And the other option is going into a ‘professional services’ job in consulting or finance (I should be qualified), but I’d be going in fairly entry level, and likely getting paid a bit less for way more stress.

I do feel like I’m losing my sanity in the job, and I know it’s not a home for me long term. At the same time, the actual factors involved with the job are really good – golden handcuffs even.

Has anyone been in this situation before?


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