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Interested in giving back to your profession?

Would you like to coach and mentor job aspirants?


InterviewBlitz aims at creating a vibrant community of like minded professionals who wish to offer their spare time to help and groom individuals interested in making a career in their respective professions and are seeking guidance.


We understand that its not easy for a fresh college gradate or a young professional looking to join the field they are interested in to find and approach professionals that have valuable in depth domain expertise and practical experience in that particular field of interest.

Giving Back to your Profession

Give Constructive Feedback and Expert Advice

Benefits of Joining InterviewBlitz as a Service Provider


Whether you’re a full time working professional or a retired professional looking to help out job aspirants in your industry and at the same time earn some income,  InterviewBlitz provides a platform where Job Aspirants can connect with you, learn from you and build confidence while applying for jobs and giving interviews.


InterviewBlitz has a Service Provider dashboard where you can list your services as packages and price them accordingly. Since our core service offering is providing a booking platform mock Interviews, you can setup time slots where you’re available to take mock interview sessions and provide feedback and coaching depending on your packages.

Provide Free and/or Paid Services

Flexible and Easy to use Provider Dashboard

Who can Join InterviewBlitz?

Stay at home professionals

Ideal for

Women/Men who have taken a taken a break from work to care for their kids or loved ones and would like to utilize their free time and experience to earn some money and coach job aspirants entering the market.

Full Time Working Professionals

Ideal for

Experienced professionals who would like to fine tune their Interviewer skills, give back to their profession while also earning some side income.

Independent Contractors or Life Coaches

Ideal for

Individuals who are self employed and would like to earn additional income by helping job aspirants and fresh college graduates. InterviewBlitz offers convenience of working through a flexible schedule.

Retired Professionals

Ideal for

Experienced professionals who would like to impart their leanings to students and job aspirants with the added bonus of earning money while working flexible hours.

Steps to Apply as a Service Provider

  • Fill and Submit

    Our online application, provide details regarding your work experience.

  • View

    The InterviewBlitz service provider on boarding videos to get an introduction to the website and Service Provider dashboard

  • Attend

    Attend the InterviewBlitz online meeting where we will evaluate your experience and check you're fitment as an expert professional with capabilities to guide job aspirants.

  • Dashboard Setup

    Setup your Service Provider page through the dashboard listing your services and setup your calendar and payment options to accept bookings. Create your free Zoom conferencing account.

  • Take Interviews

    Accept bookings, reach out to interviewees with video conferencing details, for the resume and take mock interviews. Provide feedback and coaching.