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Need help choosing a new career path, have a bachelor’s but went another direction, I’ve been in the same field my whole life, and I don’t even know where to start looking or what I’m qualified for…

I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration on public relations.

**added a TLDR starting point at the bottom since I go into super detail**

Through the end of high school and all through college, I worked in a restaurant. I loved it. I loved sales. I loved making connections with people. I loved that making or breaking an experience was in my hands. I also loved my company and had big dreams that someday, I’d be able to merge my passions for service, selling and writing together and work in marketing in the main office.

It did not work out that way. I worked at that company for a total of 6 years, over 2 different concepts and while I worked many positions, serving and bar, 2-3 years also doing part time admin, and at the end doing mostly event coordination. I left when the event coordination wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and wasn’t leaving me too much room for advancement.

I was still very young, so I stepped back into serving at a new much smaller company but there was quickly promoted up the ladder. After about a year I was in management, and when I left there I was the assistant general manager. Since the company was on the smaller side, I had a lot of opportunities to work on some very cool projects. When I left I had: updated the employee orientation manuals, created their server training program, oversaw the changeover of the point of service system which included building the system as well as teaching the management and staff how to use the program at 2 locations, streamlined the catering menu, and handled all outreach on social media accts while coordinating the blasts with our social media person.

I loved all my responsibilities at that job, but I left after 4 years to join a slightly larger company. This company had a causal concept that promised more advancement and would allow me to learn more about kitchen operations. Well, I’ve learned a lot about kitchen operations, looking at where I started, and I trained a bunch of managers but I overall feel stagnant and unfulfilled at this job. I do think a big part of that is the loss of clearance to create and feel invested in improving the operations side of thing. Upper management takes very little input from managers, and although I have been asked to do proofing on training materials here and there, that’s not enough for me.

**TLDR? Start here.**

I just had my 3 year work-a-versary and I want out. I feel like this is my big opportunity to make a change, but I have no idea where to start and what is possible.

I really enjoy, sales, writing, training and development, streamlining business processes, and making real connections with people.

I am highly detailed oriented but I can be scatterbrained so I prefer more structured environments.

I know I have reliable work history and a bachelors in my corner but what I don’t know is: 8 years out does it even matter?

I’m not sure PR still interests me, and I don’t think I could get a job without current writing samples, which are hard to organically generate. Also, any entry level PR gig I look at seems to involve a huge pay cut. I currently make between 48-54k w/ bonuses though with COVID looming its unclear when I will be able to bonus again. I would like any new career to have a comparable pay.

What Careers do you think are attainable and would be a good fit for me?

If I need to consider any certifications or more education what do you think I should look into?

I’m in Northeast Texas if that helps anyone.


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