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So I’m 6 months into my first job after graduating college last year and am loving every single aspect of it except what I’m getting paid. I work for a huge international corporation as a financial analyst and was really lucky to land this job right out of school, especially with my gpa and skimpy resume. Many of my now co-workers have told me it’s hard to land a job right of out school there. When hired, I was the youngest employee at a location of about 450 people. When offered the job I was told the pay was non negotiable and I could basically take it or leave it (standard for entry level analyst roles). Considering this was the only offer after months of applying for jobs and it was in an industry I really liked, I took the job knowing I was going to be somewhat underpaid.

What I didn’t really realize at the time, though, was just how much I was being underpaid for the job compared to similar entry level roles in the area. In fact, a good friend of mine just landed his first job last week after graduating a year ago with the same degree I have and is also in an entry level analyst role in a smaller town 30 mins from me and is now making $12k more than I am. (He’s making 56k, and I’m making 44k). And I know of several others in similar entry level roles making around the same or more.

This has really made me start thinking that I am being underpaid for my role in my area. I’ve only been in my job 6 months, though, and don’t really have anything to justify asking for a raise. I don’t want to leave the job either, because I really enjoy the work, my team, my manager/boss, the perks and benefits of the job are tremendous, and I know how valuable those things are. In fact, part of the reason I don’t want to leave the job is because they’ll fully pay for a grad degree for me, and that coupled with the experience I’m gaining could be a big boost to my resume. The one downside is the hours are long, so working a second job isn’t really a possibility unless it was just on weekends or a remote position.

I try to remind myself of the perks, benefits and experience I’m gaining, but it is still really hard to see others with a very similar set of qualifications land jobs making easily 10k more than me, and it sucks knowing that I could likely be making more and could eliminate my student debt much faster and maybe afford to do more than just sit in my apartment when I’m not at work. I feel like I’m stuck between loving my job and kinda hating my life or pursuing a job I might end up not liking to try to enjoy my life more with better pay.

Is anyone else in a similar situation? Is there any advice you can offer? Thank you in advance for any input.


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