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Hi all,

I’m in my early 30s, have a BA from a top 10 school in sustainability management and have 10 years experience in operations at startups. Operations is fun, but only gets more intense hours-wise the higher you go (manage bigger facilities, bigger teams, etc). I’m looking to pivot to a career with more life balance and am considering masters degrees to get there.

Having built and run an IT company for a few years at the beginning of my career, I am extremely tech savvy and would say my specialty working in operations has been identifying technical solutions to operational challenges. I do not have a math or quantitative background, nor do I currently have much coding experience, but am wondering if my tech and ops experience would lend itself to a particular degree path (even quantitative) that would put me in a good position on the other side.

Some of the career paths/roles I’ve seen so far that interest me are Product Managers, Data Scientists and Supply Chain Managers. But very open to suggestions.

In summary, the basic requirements of the degree/career path would be:
-Good work-life balance
-6 figure+ with masters from top ~20 school
-not requiring quantitative background to enter masters program (even if masters is quantitative)

Let me know if I’m being unrealistic! Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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