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First a little background info:

I work in a HR support function in a large, reputable company. The logical path for me when/if I want to advance, is HR supporter -> Recruitment consultant -> HR business partner.

I would love to advance from supporter to consultant, and chances like this don’t come around that often.

About 2 weeks ago a job posting was put up for a temporary position as consultant and I immediately wrote to the hiring manager, who I’ve spoken with before, where I asked for advice on how to go from supporter to consultant.

She told me that she in fact had 2 vacant positions and was (perhaps) open to filling one of them with someone who is somewhat inexperienced (yay!).

The thing is… My wife has JUST gotten a new job as HR consultant (also temporary) at another company which is located far from where we live.
She took the job on the condition that I would be able to both drop off and pick up our 2 kids from daycare.

AFTER I wrote to the hiring manager of the consultant position I am interested in, I found, buried in the text, a paragraph about needing to have a driver’s license, as the holder of the position would sometime need to be present at a location far away from where we live (further away than my wife works).

Not wanting to lose face to the hiring manager I had just written to about how ‘this position is my dream job!’, I sent in an application – in fact a very good one!

Now I don’t know what to do?! My application is in the pile and the hiring manager will be looking for it, because I told her to, but if I’m offered the job, I won’t actually be able to take it, which will make it look like I went back on the ‘this is my dream job’ thus perhaps preventing me from advancing 🙁

How do I handle this?!

Tl;Dr: told hiring manager of my dream job that it was my dream job, applied for the job, re-read job posting and found out there’s a lot of transportation involved, which means I won’t be able to (currently) accept the job if I’m offered the job.. What do I do?


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