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Hey guys, i’m at a crossroads at my life right now. I’m turning 24 later this year, and I still don’t feel like I have a clue to do with my life career wise. I just finished college with an AA degree in Fine Arts, the intention was to transfer after to a big art school to pursue Illustration. But I’ve done some soul searching this past year and realized that pursuing my passion as a career isn’t really right for me, I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and it’s a skill I’ve built up throughout my life. Art to me was a gateway of self expression and I absolutely love it, at the time when I enrolled in college I thought it made the most sense if I wanted to make a career from it. But after doing more research on the subject and what my life would like if I pursued this route, I faced the reality that this lifestyle isn’t for me. So, I’ve tallied my options on what I should do next, join the Air force or enroll back into college for a different major. I’m leaning towards the military, due to the life experience/benefits i’d get from enlisting, because honestly I have no idea what i’d even go back to college for at the moment. I don’t want to work shitty dead end jobs until I figure it out, or go to college just for the sake of having a degree. The only careers I can think of that i’d be interested in is Industrial Design, Architecture, or possibly Marine Biology….and theres nothing in the stem fields that I can imagine i’d want to pursue. Even though the world has been put to a halt, life is still moving fast. Indecisiveness is holding me back, and I need to be ready to know what comes next once things come somewhat back to normal. To anyone whose been in my shoes or have any advice general, what do you think I should do?


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