So I’ve been in a hostile workplace for just over a year. I was working a factory job on a team with 2 other people.

Without going into too much detail, their attitude towards me, and violent outbursts, fits of rage.. One time one of these fits of rage ended with one of them throwing an 8 foot oak board through the air and coming about 2 feet from hitting me in the face. It’s made me absolutely miserable..

The stress ultimately wore me down so bad that I developed gastritis and vomited blood last week. I resigned my position 2 days ago after missing a week of work while being very ill with acute gastritis.

So now I do have an interview for a much better job, I have a decent work history, and good references, but I have a feeling they’re gonna want to talk to this employer, and I think it’ll ruin my chances if they do.. What should I say in the interview if they want to contact this employer?


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