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So I’ve currently been working a nice job over the past two years centred around my passion and hobbie for cars. This job pays the best in its field ($17+ CAD). Though fun, I rarely get to meet and talk to new people and that kind of has taken a toll on me mentally as I feel as if I’m naturally gifted in talking and having a good time in person with others.

However over the past few months I’ve grown tired and saddened everyday to go to work. Every day feels the same, I feel stagnant and need to be progressing– I don’t feel as if I am and it NEEDS to change, I am willing to take a slight paycut to achieve this too.

I have a hobbie for money/finance and would like to work at a bank but there are no part-time jobs that any bank is hiring for at the moment.

•willing to take *slight* pay cut
•like to talk to people in person
•Passion for finance
•just want to try something different


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