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I hate my current job. I’ve been interning in my department for 5 months now, hated it since day one but decided to wait a while before making my mind. Almost half a year later and I feel like I made the biggest mistake choosing this internship over other offers I had.

I’ve been thinking about quitting for months now but I need the internship hours in order to graduate and it’s not gonna be easy to find another opportunity. Then I remembered that HR said on the first day that we could ask for an internal transfer to another department if anything came up, but they didn’t get into much details. I’m not really sure if what she said was true or if she just wanted people to think the company is amazing and is thoughtful of the employees’ satisfaction but lately it seems like the most rational decision I could make.

I haven’t talked about any of my dissatisfaction to my boss. I’m afraid of her reaction if I tell her the truth, she might be disappointed or even mad. I don’t think she suspects I feel like this – she mentioned she wants to extend my contract till the end of the year. And even if I get to be transferred, I think I’ll feel guilty about leaving my spot “open” and, maybe, increasing my team’s workload till they find another intern – if they manage to find it. I’ll feel like I’m betraying them.

I just don’t know what to do. I’m on the verge of burning out and I don’t think I can handle the rest of the year like this. This job made my anxiety relapse and I cry often because of it.

Should I talk to my boss about my dissatisfaction and then reach the HR? Will I burn internal bridges if I ask to change departments? How do I even approach this subject with either my boss and the HR?


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