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  3. Use your Covid Crystal Ball. What are good 3-6 month certifications/training programs that will position me to be in demand in our post Covid-economy?


To the extent it matters, I’m mid 30s, in the US, have a BA, and am looking to use my current covid layoff to do a bit of retraining. Assessing tech certifications (I’ve worked in an office my whole career so am familiar with software, but not formal training) but am unsure which may be best to pursue. Or perhaps e-learning?

r/careerguidance, bestow your wisdom upon me!

Edit: thank you for all the responses. Let me add a few prompts to help the discussion:

– Will there be an increased demand for e-learning? Where might that trigger job demand?

– Increase in need for e-commerce. Should I get an Amazon Web Services certification?

– Are there any programs or certifications to get a job in supporting web infrastructure or helping people work from home?


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