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Had the most awkward interview ever. For an engineering internship position. One of the questions was “if you were to make a PowerPoint presentation how would you structure it? Another being tell us about a time you took and analyzed data. ” I told them the generic structure and then said make sure everything can be understood clearly and quickly since most of the time you see a presentation you don’t even get a chance to read it all. Kept looking at me like I’m dumb and asking me “okayyy…. But how would you structure it” or the other one was”okay but how did you analyze it”
Just seems so vague and simple of a question to even be asked .like do I say oh you put a title on it. What the problem is. Generic organization of logical events? Ultimately the place didn’t take me but I have the opportunity to get another interview so I’m trying to be prepared with the right answers this time.


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