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So six months ago I was hired at a doctor’s office. The doctor was looking for a new office manager, and I interviewed and got the position with the agreement of me training to take the office manager’s place when she retired.

Basically, I had nine or ten months to learn everything I could before it was time for me to take over. Just some background, I have no medical experience, no pharmacology knowledge, or knowledge about working with insurance companies; in the past, I was a restaurant manager and a server/bartender. I made this aware when I got the job, so everyone pretty much knew the extent of my abilities.

While I do enjoy my job I have a really big dilemma. The doctor is one of the rudest, arrogant explosive people I have ever met. I’m not saying that he is a bad doctor, he is a respected person in his field, but he is sooooo hard to work for. It’s a small office so not a lot of people work there. During my short tenure (about seven months) I’ve seen at least three medical assistants get hired, work with the doctor for a short period of time and quit because of the way he speaks to them in front of the staff and the patients. It’s a daily occurrence for him to come to work in a bad mood and it’s like stepping on eggshells being around him. Today he made me so upset I was shaking for half of the day.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing, maybe it’s the age thing maybe it’s people have burned him before or it’s my incompetence. He asks me to write out prescriptions (he signs them) and I do that for almost every patient. I also take the vitals (blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, weight) and I write in their charts. It makes me very uncomfortable because I am not a medical assistant. He had me do it at first because of the pandemic, but I know that he’s going to want me to keep doing this.

Another thing that makes me really uncomfortable is the loudness rule. Loud shoes of any kind are prohibited. With the type of flooring that is in the office, 95% of dress shoes (men’s or women’s) would make a clacking noise, which is prohibited. The rule is only enforced with women and nothing is ever said to the men that have “loud shoes”. It’s basically anything with a hard rubber sole. It’s not only the shoes but if someone just happens to have a voice that projects a little (or not even) they get reprimanded for being too loud.

There are also plenty of other examples of things that don’t seem quite right to me, but I feel like I would be revealing too much about my identity and he’s told me on multiple occasions that he is a malicious person so I worried that this might get around.

I guess the advice/ guidance I’m asking for is should I stay? I know this is a really valuable learning opportunity and I should be thankful for it. I asked my parents for advice and they told me that I should be thankful and not quit, but I need to get another opinion. I’m in my mid-twenties and I think I have found a career that I want to work toward, but it’s definitely not in the medical field. I don’t think I could put this on my resume. I feel stuck.

I also don’t have health insurance (it’s not offered) and it was something I really wanted while I was looking for a full-time job. At the moment I have a couple of part time jobs, and I am starting to get more hours as businesses start to open back up. I want to leave so bad, but we are in the middle of a pandemic and I’m afraid that I don’t necessarily have a good fall back plan and I feel as if I’m jumping the gun.

Thanks fortaking the time to read this, really appreciate it.


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