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What are everyone’s thoughts on yelling bosses? Is it a deal-breaker for working somewhere? How do you deal with it?

My specific context: I am a contractor for a big, ancient east coast company in a tech department that has 0 process. And by 0 process, I mean I will start working on a project and the goal of the project will change daily and sometimes over the course of a conversation. The result is that I will get 40 minutes of off-the-cuff feedback over video chat (that isn’t written anywhere but my note book) every single day. It often contradicts the feedback I got the previous day.

The most recent iteration was on why my research analysis on competitor’s UX patterns isn’t fit for presenting to the CEO (which I just learned was a possibility via the criticism and has never actually happened). Maybe this is defensive, but I’ve been trying to get my boss to write the goals for the project down when she assigns it to me by explaining that I would have approached it differently if had known that’s what the document was for. Well, this has apparently been aggravating her. She yelled at me for 40 minutes about criticizing her process and then started yelling at me for just quietly listening to her rant, claiming that she couldn’t interpret my reaction when I didn’t say anything.

Look guys, I don’t like being yelled at. Is there anyway to salvage this so that I can feel emotionally safe at work and so she doesn’t take some (in my mind) pretty reasonable asks to write things down as a personal attack? I am often just genuinely confused about what she wants and she becomes angry or condescending when I try to ask for clarification.


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