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So as you all can guess from the title of this thread, I am wondering if I can get any ideas from other people regarding what I should or can do for a career. Here is some personal background:

– I’m 27F living in Australia. I consider myself to be an empathetic and social introvert; depending on the topic of the discussion, I generally like talking with and learning from others, especially if it’s about an intellectual topic

– I have a pharmacy undergraduate degree, and completed the internship and got registered as a pharmacist, worked on and off casually for a couple of years.

– ended up hating retail pharmacy (because of how monotonous, uncreative it was, plus other reasons) so went back to USYD this year for a bachelor of science degree math major and possibly computer science major (haven’t decided on my second major entirely yet)

– I’ve always had some form of mathematical aptitude in my life; maths carried me through high school, and I’m currently getting distinction minimums for my maths subjects at the moment

– my hobbies have always been artistic somewhat; have done past 8th grade piano, liked drawing and writing. Have considered the arts for a career, but decided against it for obvious reasons

– am trying to make learning programming for 5-10minutes a day into a habit in my schedule at the moment using habit tracker apps to see if I like it in the long run

I have considered teaching, programming, software+other engineering roles, analyst roles, government graduate programs (e.g. department of health, etc). I am just wondering, from what I have revealed to you guys about myself, what else can I do with maths that is suitable for my personality and strengths/weaknesses? Or how should I go about discovering my strengths and weaknesses/learn more about myself to make a career decision?

My problem is career indecision and paralysis; I keep switching back and forth between career choices, and it is not helping my focus at university. I think I am afraid of making the same mistakes that I did with choosing pharmacy.

P.S. Please note, I am not trying to make this into a debate on whether maths is useless or not. I am only wondering what opportunities and possibilities and pathways that maths can give me because I find it all very vague.

Thanks in advance for reading and posting.


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