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I have a second round interview tomorrow for a job I’d LOVE. I decided to pull out all the stops and signed up for an “Ace Your Interview” course. I finished it up tonight and thought it was great! I feel super prepared and I KNOW I can make this job mine. There’s just one thing that has me a little nervous and that’s a non-compete that I have signed with my current employer.

I think I’m in a very grey area here as the company I’m interviewing with may or may not be considered a “competitor” (if I drew a venn diagram of the two company’s business lines there’s only one very tiny area of overlap) and after doing some research, I think there’s a chance that the non-compete is not even defensible. Lastly, I think it’s unlikely that my current company would actually seek to enforce the non-compete.

All that being said, I don’t expect anyone to comment on the legality of this non-compete (I’d save that for r/legaladvice or r/EmploymentLaw), but on *when* and *if* I should disclose this non-compete to my potential new employer. On one hand, I’d like to not disclose it at all, but what if I’m hired and my current employer attempts to enforce? On the other hand, if I’m going to be fothcoming, do I wait until I’m in the final rounds of interviews or even receive an offer? Or do I tell them now? What is anyone’s experience with this? Do you have any advice to share? If it helps, I’m in Minnesota.


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