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Background: Mid 20’s final year student in the UK. Currently 3 months into a part-time software dev job (half a year contract with extension possibility). Got another offer with better pay but as a part-time Web App dev (with year long contract).

Reasons for staying:
– Software dev role feel to have more opportunities for future prospects then Web app dev. Better to stay and build some experience. Don’t feel like I really wanna go the Web app dev route.
– Already 3months in, moving might mean taking current job off CV, maybe burnt bridges as project is just starting to take-off . As a student any experience is useful.

Reasons for leaving:
– >£300 monthly pay increase. After losing all my savings in Oil (yes, I’m an idiot), any money feels good to have.
– longer contract, don’t have to worry about extending or looking for new gig for a while.
– If I’m lucky, possibilty to get into the team full-time in a role I’m more interested in, after completing contract (just my perception, haven’t confirmed this from the team).

New role wants an immediate start, I want to ask for a delayed start to allow me complete my contract and switch. But I doubt they will accept a 3month delay. 2months though? Maybe…

What will u advice? Thanks

Edit: The most important thing for me are a part-time job that 1) helps me live while finishing my degree 2) Improve my job prospect after grad, prefarably in the direction of Research Software Engineering.


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